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Psalm Songs, Volume 1

Psalm 121
Psalm 23
Psalm 42
Psalm 13
Psalm 30
Psalm 8
Psalm 1
Psalm 32
Psalm 19
Psalm 127


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About the Album

“A new soundtrack for the Psalms...I hear hundreds of albums each year and when one stands out, it’s obvious. Psalm Songs stands out.”

—Bob Kauflin, Sovereign Grace Music

“The Corner Room’s Psalm Songs, provides rich compositions of word-for-word English Standard Version psalms. 

Yes, this music is intended to help you recite and memorize Scripture. No, it’s not sing-songy or annoying in any way. As with Randall Goodgame’s Slugs and Bugs albums, the memorization happens quite naturally because of the excellence of the music. I’m so grateful when Christians don’t sacrifice good art for the sake of an additional purpose, like hiding God’s word in my heart.

The Corner Room has a warm, folk-rock sound heavy on guitars with strings and piano here and there. They reminded me a little of Mumford and Sons, with heavy bluegrass influences. It’s music that you can turn up and sing along to in the car, but also turn down and play during mealtimes."

Kelly Keller, The Story Warren