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What Great Mystery

What Great Mystery
O God, Be Merciful To Me
Thy Works, Not Mine, O Christ


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About the Album

“While big and powerful songs that celebrate Jesus’ triumph over death and evil will always rightfully have their place in a church’s worship rotation, a balanced repertoire requires songs that are a little harder to come by - those that reflect on our sinfulness and utter dependency on the marvelous grace of God. The Corner Room has given the Church a real gift with What Great Mystery, an album that capably meets that need, at once combining penetrating theological insight with moving, musical performance.

The EP consists of two original tunes, two retuned hymns and a rollicking rendition of the Doxology. The hymns, which stick closest to the unique folk country sound of The Corner Room’s previous release (their excellent ‘Psalms as songs’ album, Psalm Songs, Volume I) are powerful prayers that The Corner Room breathed new and vital life into - “O God, Be Merciful to Me” rings with optimism that its title prayer will indeed be answered and “Thy Works, Not Mine, O Christ” is a simple, earnest confession complemented on the album by the vulnerability of The Corner Room producer Adam Wright’s voice. The original songs are easily as good as major label worship releases in terms of poetry and singability with the added bonus of broaching territory not often covered by their big name peers.

What Great Mystery provides the Church with well needed worship songs that celebrate the grace of God in the face of our need while at the same time providing an intimate devotional resource for private worship.”

Graham Gladstone, Worship Leader Magazine